Prostitution in 19th century French art and literature

Prostitution has always been a popular subject in art and literature, but never more than in the 19th century in France, where artists and writers used prostitutes as a source of inspiration for their creative works.

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Books to read before you go to New York

Here’s a good question: what’s better, knowing or not knowing about a place before you travel there? Some people prefer to plan their travels to the very last detail and others enjoy going places without having planned anything. However, reading about your next destination can only spark your curiosity even more. To quench your thirst before you get there, here are some books that will help you pass the time. Continue reading

A tribute to J. D. Salinger

“New York City has produced some of the greatest artists in the world, whether they were actually born there or used the city as inspiration for their work. American culture and literature from the first half of the 20th century is especially fascinating, with some great writers coming onto the scene such as John Steinbeck, Truman Capote and Harper Lee. Continue reading