The Trastevere in Rome

Rome is a city that’s crowded with tourists all year long. Wherever you go you can barely move due to the amount of people who are filling the streets and the museums. Tired of this? The Trastevere, a part of Rome on the other side of the river, is an oasis of calm and peace inside Rome’s madness.

Rome has so many things to see that it’s impossible to see them all and not go crazy. Why? Because all of these monuments, museums and landmarks are crowded with tourists around them and it’s impossible to have a nice relaxing tourist trip around Rome. Whether it’s the Fontana di Trevi, the Colosseum, the Pantheon or any other monument, there will be hoards of tourists surrounding them and making what was supposed to be a relaxing trip, a stressful one.

However, there is somewhere in Rome where you can go and relax in the midst of all this madness: the Trastevere. The Trastevere is an area of Rome which is on the other side of the Tiber river, where most roads are pedestranised or don’t have many cars driving around. It’s like a small town inside the big city ofRome. Its cobbled streets and medieval houses make it an impressive and popular area that’s usually frequented by artists and intellectuals.

Its main cultural landmark is the basilica of Santa Mariain Trastevere, one of Rome’s first churches that dates back to the 4th century AD. It’s located in a piazza with the same name, which is an ideal place to have a nice coffee or a vermouth before lunch in the shade of a bar terrace. For lunch, you can venture into the narrow and bending cobbled streets and go to a nice trattoria that won’t charge you the exorbitant prices charged in centralRome. Here you can have a 3-course meal for under 15€ per person. Check out the restaurants at the Piazza de’ Renzo, they are highly recommended and incredibly cheap, the best value for money meal you’ll get in the whole of Rome.

The Trastevere also makes it as one of Rome’s most photogenic places. It’s narrow streets whose end cannot be seen combined with the small piazzas and authentic scenarios like washing hanging from the balconies of the houses in shade-covered streets, make it one of Italy’s most typical, traditional and beautiful landscapes. During the day you can see the older locals gathering in the piazzas on the benches and, in the evening, you will most definitely see craftsmen selling all of their creations in the squares.

However, at night, the Trastevere changes and it becomes a lively place, with its restaurants and bars full of mostly locals or foreign locals, which gives it the nice touch of not feeling like you’re in a touristy city surrounded by tourists. It could be compared toBarcelona’s Born, Paris’ Montmartre orVenice’s Dorsoduro, the alternative districts in the city. Trastevere is an oasis of calm and authenticity inRomewhere the cameras, flashes and hoards of people are replaced by birds singing, pleasant street musicians and friendly locals. Bliss.


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