Hidden gems of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that every traveller knows about. Its main landmarks, monuments and best restaurants are known to all who enjoy travelling but there are gems that are hidden in the Catalan capital that only a few lucky ones know about… until now.

The city of Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist and traveller destinations in the world. Why? Where to start… beaches, hot weather, excellent food, great nightlife, amazing architecture, thrilling history… the city has it all. Everyone who has been there or knows anything about it will know about most places in the city, even the restaurants and bars that serve the best food and drinks in the city. However, some great places still remain uncovered, so here’s a scoop on some of the less-popular yet amazing places in the city.

Starting off in the old town of Barcelona, the famous Barri Gòtic, there’s a tiny Moroccan restaurant/bar that serves some of the best Arabic food and teas in the city. This place is run by an elderly Moroccan lady, whose food cooked in the open kitchen (there’s not much room to hide anything here). The aromas of the Moroccan spices fill the air where dim lighting and low tables and stools are filled with locals since this is a very popular place. Finding it however isn’t easy. It’s called Salterio and it’s on Sant Domènec del Call 4, not to be confused with the other one just a few doors down. It’s easily recognizable by its small yellow light outside. Make sure you ask for the ginger and fresh milk tea!

Just at the other side of Gòtic, across Via Laietana, is the Born district, one of the most popular in Barcelona. If you’re looking for a local bar with atmosphere, L’Antic Teatre is perfect. What used to be an old theatre is now a popular and busy bar with an interior patio, where young locals come and drink beer no matter what time it is. If you’re lucky enough, you can get a table on the small balcony overlooking the street or in the patio itself, a nice little place to relax and have a few drinks. Prices are dirt cheap as well. Find it on Verdaguer i Callís 12.

Outside of the city centre we head to Gràcia now, the relaxed, calm and quiet district par excellence. Its sunny squares and bar terraces are a source of joy for many locals, who enjoy having a few drinks and food in the sunshine in what is unbelievably still Barcelona. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat cheap and nice, try Cafè Camèlia, on Verdi 79, where the lunchtime menu is under 10€ for three courses, including a slice of the delicious homemade cakes that they serve! Also a great place to relax, read a book and sit back and enjoy your quiet afternoon.

When it comes to partying, Barcelona has many clubs for all tastes, which makes Barcelona famous for its nightlife. However, there’s one club off the beaten track that’s not only a club but one on the beach, where you dance on the sand itself. It’s called Mac Arena Mar, and it’s at Platja Port del Fòrum. To get there it’s recommended to get a cab, although you can also go there in the daytime or evening for a meal since it’s also a restaurant. Electronic music, the best DJs in the world and sand on your feet… quite simply amazing.

Many people skip the district of Pedralbes, the richest in Barcelona, when they visit, however it’s a huge mistake, since there we can find the Monastery of Pedralbes, an old 14th century gothic construction that’s surrounded by peaceful gardens where going inside will give us an insight of what Catalan gothic architecture was like. The interior is quite spectacular and it also holds the Museum of the History of the City of Barcelona. Unmissable.


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