5 cheap places to eat in Barcelona

Whether you’re travelling alone and Barcelona is one of your many stops or you’re travelling especially to the city for a few days, where to eat is always a little bit of a dilemma… until now. Here are five restaurants in Barcelona where you can eat delicious food at low prices.

Everyone knows that one of the best things about Barcelona is its excellent food, Catalan and Spanish cuisine that will definitely be a difference to the food that the traveller is used to eating if he or she lives outside of Spain. However, there’s the money factor. If you’re backpacking around Europe, the chances are that your money is tight and if you’re travelling with your family or a group of friends, the total price could be quite hefty. This puts a lot of people off and they end up going to the aforementioned fast food joints or cooking something in their accommodation, but that is a real shame considering the food quality in the city. Here are five budget restaurants in Barcelona where you can eat at a very low price and where the quality of the food is excellent.

La Fonda is a restaurant that’s in the Gothic district, just to the left of the Ramblas if you’re walking towards the sea. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Barcelona so if you don’t get there early enough, you’ll find yourself at the back of a queue. Mediterranean cuisine and abundant portions accompanied by regional wines are the main reasons behind its popularity. At lunchtime, they have a menu for under 15€ and for a la carte at dinnertime, expect to pay 20€ or less. It’s on Escudellers 10, Metro: Drassanes (L3).

If you’re a vegetarian, few places can offer better value for money food than Cafè Camèlia in the beautiful district of Gràcia. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, the food that they serve in this beautiful little café at lunchtime will keep you coming for more. However, they only do the lunchtime menu so don’t turn up at night or you might be disappointed. The lunchtime menu costs 9.90€ and includes a starter, a main and dessert, including a drink. It’s on Verdi 79, Metro: Fontana (L3).

If you want to try Spanish tapas and not get stung by any tourist trap, Taller de Tapas offers delicious tapas at reasonable prices. They have a long list of them on their menu and a lot of them don’t exceed 5€, so it’s a perfect way of sampling Spanish cuisine and eat a few varied tapas without a nasty surprise when the cheque comes. There are a few around the city but I recommend the one on Argenteria 51, Metro: Jaume I (L4).

You’ve probably heard about patatas bravas, those potato chunks with delicious spicy garlic sauce that are so typical from Spain. The best ones in the city, and it’s not just me who says this, it’s pretty much common knowledge among barcelonins, is Bar Tomàs, who make such good patatas bravas that they’ve patented the sauce. Here you can have mixed platters of different meats and patatas bravas for under 6€ and many tapas don’t exceed 2€ in price. This is a truly local experience, and you can find it at Major de Sarrià 49, FGC: Sarrià.

If you’re at Barceloneta beach and hunger kicks in, there’s no better place to go than this. La Malandrina is a Uruguayan restaurant that serve the biggest asado meat portions in Barcelona at ridiculously cheap prices (well under 10€). Try the vacío or the churrasco. Different meats and different side dishes that will fill you up and make you the happiest person in the whole of Barcelona. Words don’t do it justice, you’ll understand the hype when you try it. Find it at Almirall Cervera 5, Metro: Barceloneta (L4).


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