The 5 best local beers in New York

The fact that you can buy excellent food on the streets of New York has been written about many times. Yes, some of it might not be the healthiest but who can resist a slice of pizza that we can buy on the street or some delicious bagels filled with cream cheese? Who can resist a huge big hamburger made with the best beef or some of the Asian food that we can buy in Chinatown? The answer is probably nobody or only the fools.

We’ll start with local breweries, since there’s always more pride about local things. Sixpoint Sweet Action is a beer brewed by Sixpoint Craft Ales inBrooklyn. Its main signature sign is the orange star, so it will be easy to find when choosing from tap beers. It’s quite a malty beer and it’s excellent to drink while we’re having some food. It’s only a 5.2% beer so it can be drunk while on a night out but if we want to feel its refreshing taste better, let’s enjoy it during a meal.

Another Brooklyn-based brewery is the aptly named Brooklyn Brewery, that brews Brooklyn Local 1. Now this beer is usually served by the bottle and it’s a very, very strong one, being brewed at 11%. It’s a dark beer but don’t be put off by this if you don’t like dark beers because its taste is not as yeasty as it is in other dark beers. If you do order it in a bar, make sure they give you a round-bottom glass instead of the usual beer glass, for the ultimate strong-beer experience. Delicious and my personal favourite.

In neighbouring Pennsylvania we can find the oldest brewery in the United States, Yuenling. Now this might sound Chinese but in fact it comes from a German name, Jüngling, the surname of a German brewer who emigrated to Pottsville PA, where the beer is brewed. The beer has the insignia of a bald eagle and it’s one of the nicest lagers that we can find inNew York, especially the one on tap which is the nicest. It’s not too fizzy and it goes down like a dream with a nice after taste. Definitely our go-to beer if we’re on a drinking session, since it’s only 4.6%.

A beer that’s limited to New York’s metropolitan area due to the small size of the brewery is Kelso. Kelso beer is also brewed in Brooklyn and it makes various types of beer but the one you must try is the Belgian Pale Ale, a fruity beer with a little twist in its flavour that makes it a very enjoyable beer especially on a hot summer’s day when we need something refreshing. It’s a mixture of Belgian and American Pale Ale. At 5.8%, it’s not too strong and not too light, just perfect.

Now, for a trip back in time, McSorley’s Old Ale House seems to be stuck in the year of its foundation, in 1854. This authentic ale house is the real beer experience in New York, especially if we’re drinking the beer that they brew themselves, McSorley’s Dark or Light Ale. One beer comes in two glasses with a huge head, so don’t be surprised if you ask for one beer and they put two glasses in front of you. The atmosphere there is joyous and boisterous so make the most of this wonderful Ale House in Manhattan, on 15th East 7th Street.


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