Brunch, how very New York

Brunch is something that while it wasn’t invented there, is a very New York thing to do. This meal has spread all over Europe and parts of Asia now as a popular activity during weekends. Here’s a bit you need to know about brunch and some excellent places to eat it in New York City.

New York is arguably the most important and influential city in the United States, and as such, it carries the ‘burden’ of trendsetting in America. Such is the influence of American culture around the world, that it’s probably only baseball the only thing that Americans haven’t been able to successfully export around the world, maybe with the exception of Japan and the countries within reach. When you’re staying in New York, everything that you see around you that’s happening in the city and that you haven’t seen in Europe before, will no doubt cross the Pond in no time.

Aside from all the music, sports and cultural aspects of American culture that have been successfully exported to Europe, there is one gastronomical aspect that has also made the grade in the old continent, which is a bit strange since Europeans seem to have that dismissive opinion about American food not being as nice as the European. We’re talking about brunch.

As you probably know, the word ‘brunch’ is a mixture of the words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’, and therefore it’s eaten in between the times that you would normally eat those meals. The origin of the word is not clear but some say it was invented by writer Guy Beringer and some say it was by American journalist Frank Ward O’Malley. It’s especially popular on weekends, when people are tired from a night out and get up late or simply enjoy doing something a little bit different from their everyday lives. A typical brunch can take place in any restaurant between 11am and 2pm, with some even expanding that time frame.

The contents of the meal are, no prizes for guessing, a mixture of things you’d eat for breakfast and lunch. It’s a mixture of savoury and sweet, such as egg-based dishes like quiche or French toast, meats, fruit, yoghurts, waffles and juices among other things to drink. It’s all about having a bit of everything and enjoying the relaxing moment where you don’t have to think about work, you’ve had a nice relaxing sleep and you can look forward to the weekend. This is something quite uncommon with New York lifestyle, since it’s such a busy city and it’s always on the go, so a nice brunch on a Saturday or Sunday can be a nice little respite. However, it doesn’t just happen on weekends, it happens during the week as well but it’s within everyone’s reach on the last two days of the week.

To eat a great brunch in New York, you can try Clinton St Baking on Clinton St, Lower East side for the best crêpes and waffles or, a short walk away also in the Lower East Side you can find Little Giant on 85 Orchard St, where you can sample exquisite and tasty American cuisine. However, if you fancy something nice and simple and also cheap but with excellent food, Egg on 135 N 5th Street is a tiny café in Brooklyn that serve excellent food, especially their succulent meats.


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