Hidden gems of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that every traveller knows about. Its main landmarks, monuments and best restaurants are known to all who enjoy travelling but there are gems that are hidden in the Catalan capital that only a few lucky ones know about… until now.

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Why Lisbon is an ideal destination for foodies

Portugal is one of the most fascinating European destinations where one can find some of the best food on the continent. Fish and seafood are the stars of Portuguese gastronomy, but it goes a lot further than fish. Whether you’re a foodie or not, Portugal should be your next destination.

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Cheap places to eat in Venice

It would be hard to argue against the fact that Venice is the most beautiful city in Europe. The canals, the palazzi, the gondolas and the narrow fondamentas make this city a unique one. However, beauty comes at a price and Veniceis also just as expensive as it is beautiful; in other words, very. Of all the districts in Venice, San Polo and San Marco are the most expensive ones due to being where the tourists concentrate, but there are also places here where you can eat for a lot less money and a lot better than your usual pizza/pasta tourist traps.

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